I had Casa Bella Construction build a home for me that was completed in October of 2006, just in time for the Great Recession (GR). My plan was to live there until retirement and then clean-up on all the equity I was expecting to gain. Well, the aforementioned GR was not seemingly going to make that original plan come to fruition so I decided to sell and downsize after five years (still inside the GR). Numerous people toured the home over the next year; with everyone reportedly “loving it.” After thirteen months I accepted an offer that was literally $500 less than I had the home built for prior to the GR. Russ and everyone at Casa Bella Construction did an incredible job from start to finish. My home was beautiful and kept its value beyond all that I could have hoped for during a very difficult time in our country’s history. I recommend that you speak with Russ and tour a Casa Bella home when you are considering your next home builder.

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